We are manufacturer exporter and wholesaler from India . We are manufacture Genuine Viking Drinking horn mug Tankard size is

[16OZ-20OZ-30OZ-34OZ- 50OZ-68OZ-84OZ-100OZ]

made up of cow,ox bufallo hornsWe supply good quality Horn Mug or cup for drinking.We supply good quality. Horn Mug

 or cup for drinking Carefully hand-made mug from a single piece of horn that has been cut to shape,

heated and shaped to form a handle. A resin and wooden base is added for extra sturdiness.

The mug is carefully polished, cleaned and sealed inside that is safe to drink from. The shape and colour of each mug is

unique and may different Drink like a Viking with a genuine horn tankard, made from real ox horn Our elegant collection

of Horn Designer Mugs are ideal for cold drink, coffee or any cold or hot beverages.

The drinking horn mug is, ethically sourced from slaughterhouses in which the animals are harvested for their meat. Hand cut,

hand carved and hand polished, each mug is truly a unique piece of Viking lore.

horns mug

The horn is super-heated in order to create the seamless curved handle, which is simply an extension of the horn itself, carefully bent back after heating.

The drinking mug is 100% food safe, as its interior is coated with a pure lacquer used to seal Drink beer, mead, ale, or any other cold and hot beverage with confidence. out of your tankard, you should not place the horn in your dishwasher.

Besides, Put down your sippy cup and drink like a true Viking! This special hand-carved drinking horn is the most authentic drinking vessel this side of Valhalla.

 our horn mugs is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek natural finish

This makes it a perfect and unique gifting opportunity for everyone who likes to drink beer like a true Viking enjoy

Our main market is united states, Germany, Canada, Iceland,United kingdom, Scotland,California,Texas…

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