Traditionally crafted, every drinking horn, tankard is unique in shape & color & like a viking look

DRINK WITH CONFIDENCE – Horn interior is carefully coated with food-safe lacquer.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Each Viking horn comes guaranteed. Your money back or we’ll die trying!

Put down your beer and drink like a true Viking! This special hand-carved horn is the most authentic drinking horn this side of Valhalla.

The viking horn is, of course, fashioned from real ox and cow horn, ethically sourced from slaughterhouses in which the animals are harvested for their meat.

Hand cut, hand carved and hand polished, each horn is truly a unique piece of Viking lore.

drinking horn is 100% food safe

The drinking horn is 100% food safe, as its interior is coated with a pure lacquer used to seal salad bowls and spoons.

Drink beer, mead, ale, or any other cold beverage with confidence.

However, do not drink extremely hot beverages out of your tankard, as horns can warp after repeated exposure to extreme heat.

This also means you should not place the horn in your dishwasher.

our drinking horn is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek natural finish

This makes it a perfect and unique gifting opportunity for everyone who likes to drink beer like a true Viking enjoy a horn

Image of Viking drinking horn

will give you years of faithful service. Shop with confidence at our online store and get exactly the right colour, shape and size, with

our unique custom ordering system.We select the most beautiful polished horns from

around the world and guarantee the food safe varnish coating will leave you with no

bad smell or taste, so you will only taste the drink inside the horn.