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This elegant 1 Drawer Floral Bedsit Chest of Drawers is the Perfect addition to a bedroom or lounge setting. Delicate pieces of camel bone are hand carved by our skilled craftsmen and inlayed in decadent vine patterns that extend with elegant curvature with intricate flower detailing. These Indian color full bone mini bedside chests look outstanding in pairs to adorn a master bedroom, and the 1 drawers 1 door provide elegant storage for personal effects and home essentials. This Bedsite is Our best Selling Bone Inlay furniture. We are also happy to create custom orders if you have specific needs in mind – simply contact us with your dimensions and we will draw up a free quotation. We guarantee that you will be proud to have our furniture in your home.

 100% AUTHENTIC VIKING FEEL: You can now enjoy the authentic design, giant mug and feeling of drinking beer like a proper Viking! Made from a solid piece of horn, it will feel just right in your hands and we GUARANTEE you won’t go back to drinking beer any other way.

 our horn mugs is 100% unique in color and shape and features a sleek natural finish

This makes it a perfect and unique gifting opportunity for everyone who likes to drink beer like a true Viking enjoy a horn mug

 100% FOOD SAFE COATING: Our handcrafted horn tankard drinkware are made traditionally and with the outmost care for you, the customer. Each horn mug features a carefully coated interior with 100% Food Safe lacquer that is safe and non-toxic.


These drinking horn are made of Natural Cow/Ox Horns with excellent quality . Can be given as personal & Birthday Gifts for groomsmen and other occasions.

  • These are Handcrafted and made in india
  • These are Handcrafted and made in india.
  • 100% GENIUNE : These are Made of 100% Genuine Animal Horns.
  • NOTE : As these horns are made of natural there will be difference in shape and shades
  • We can make customize drinking horn as per the requirement like carving,painting etc.
  • Contact us to know more price and attractive offers


Blowing horn is a sound device that is usually made of or shaped like an animal horn, arranged to blow from a hole in the pointed end of it.

This rudimentary device had a variety of functions in many cultures, in most cases reducing its scope to exhibiting, celebratory or group identification purposes the bugle, is used to call out orders in military camps. The hunting horn was used to communicate on a hunt and is still used today in some places.

One of the more widespread uses for blowing horns today is the shofar, a ram or Kudu horn with a hole drilled through it. The shofar is used mainly for Jewish ceremonies such as Rosh Hashana. Horns are sometimes used in the other two abrahamic religions also

We can make  customize blowing horn as per the requirement like carving painting etc..

Contact us to know more price and attractive offers


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