The Viking blowing horn or winding horn is a sound device that is usually made of or shaped like an animal horn shofar hornRosh Hashana horns,Kudu horn, arranged to blow authentic horn for norse USA,California,canada,germany,texas, United states

from a hole in the pointed end of it. This rudimentary device had a variety of functions in many cultures, in most cases

reducing its scope to exhibiting, celebratory or group identification purposes (signal instrument). On the other hand, it has kept

its function and profile in many cattle raising, agricultural and hunter-gatherer societies.Many horns have been used as

sounding cries by ancient societies. A modern day descendant of the horn, the bugle, is used to call out orders in military

camps. The hunting horn was used to communicate on a hunt and is still used today in some places

Adding a few holes to the body of the blowing horn and changing the position of the fingers (like in the familiar flute) different tunes could be played. These horns (called Vallhorns) were among the first wind instruments that could be played to create complex melodies.

Viking Blowing horn comes with a leather strap for carrying and/or display. Made of cow horn. Total length approx. 50-55 cm (20-22″).

Our horn bugles are handmade in INDIA from a single piece of cow horn. The mouth piece does not contain a reed and so is blown with pursed lips like a trumpet, producing a deep resonating sound.


 SOUNDING TECHNIQUE: Deep, stirring bellow tone. Perfect for scaring enemies and stirring up trouble. No mouthpiece or reed attached. It’s all horn.

belongs to one of the oldest musical instruments.Using these horns will make your re-enactment and LARP battles really special. Colors and textures determined by the animal that grew the horn, so no two are alike.