Intricate inlay furniture made in a small village in North India. Each piece hand made with intricate precision. Each piece unique and one of a kind! Design MIX Furniture Inc. we are directly exports of one of a kind unique found objects and furniture around the world. our bone inlay table lamp perfect decor for your room

The proprietors are experienced art collectors and designers that have been sourcing a wide range of specialty and Electric accessories, architectural elements, lighting, stone, art, textiles, ethnic objects, and industrial pieces since 1997. 

We love this gorgeous bone inlay lamp. This cylindrical beauty is made by hand piece by piece by skilled artisans. Fabulous geometric, floral, pattern in very variety. Comes with designer matching shade in eggnog silk . Look out for our bone chests, and mirror and side tables.


Bone inlay refers to an ancient decorative technique that involves embedding delicate, hand-carved pieces of bone inlay table lamp into the surface of an object.

The result makes for a striking pattern–often floral or geometric–of contrasting colors and materials that add surface splendour to any room.

The origins of the technique are Turky,but what we do know is that it has transcended countries, centuries and civilizations, with evidence of it in the embellished furniture of ancient Egypt, lacquer ware of 18th Century Japan, and the architecture Erected during India’s Mughal Empire.

A bold architectural look lets this bone inlay table lamp complement your decor in a sitting area, work space or bedroom. The base is crafted of inlaid natural camel bone and topped with a rectangular, circle shade for a perfect complement of geometric shapes and textures. we will provide you best quality.