Our Bone Inlay photo Frame is a perfect piece and beautiful decorative piece for your home that could place on your bedroom, living room, center table, kitchen

bench or anywhere.bone inlay photo frame is perfect gifts for your relatives and grandfather,office colleague and friends.It is inlaid with delicate carved pieces of

bone into a wooden frame and layers of color resin are then used to fill around the bone.This piece is 100% hand-made by skilled craftsman, slight irregularities in

the resin and inlay may exist and it is the nature of this loving hand-made products.All of our Items are entirely made by hand and is handcrafted by

skilled artisans native to India.The process starts with building a wooden base for the any items, Chips of bone,ethically sourced as a by-product, are carefully cut

into delicate shapes by several artisans.These chips are then affixed in various intricate patterns into the resin, all by hand.Each Product is finally waxed and

polished to bring out the detailed textures and beauty of the inlay work.Our products are made by our skilled artisan who are native of Rajasthan theproducts art

made with full hearted by our artisan youwill absolutely fall in love with the product as bone inlay product give charming and elegant look to your lifestyle so we help you out to give you a better service with our innovative ideas of bone inlay products.

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