We are manufacturer’s wholesalers and exporters from India we manufacture bone Inlay bench in this we use Natural camel

bone from Rajasthan we use the bone of the camel which dies natural death those

bone we collect and boil that in chemical till it get pure white after that our craftsmanship team make cut that

in various shapes and make different designs and then we fix that in fine quality wooden on bench we inlay bone

on the wood.This work in India only craftsmanship team can do this by their hand each and every design

our team create

with more innovative way and gives the extraordinary finishing to it they make the bone Inlay furniture to look at

its best.From more than 100 years this work in India from Mughal emperor time this work is done.

It gives your home a royal look to bone Inlay bench in your Office,Room and living area it improves

your interior area of the house from this it gives royal looks to you and as well

as your home and also it gives luxurious look.


Bone inlay refers to an ancient decorative technique that involves embedding delicate, hand-carved pieces of bone inlay table lamp into the surface of an object.

The result makes for a striking pattern–often floral or geometric–of contrasting colors and

materials that add surface splendour to any room.The origins of the technique are Turky,but what we do know is that it has

transcended countries, centuries and

civilizations, with evidence of it in the embellished furniture of ancient Egypt, lacquer ware of 18th Century Japan,and the

architecture Erected during India’s Mughal

perfect look for your homr and office loving room your interior area of the house from this it gives royal looks to you and as well etc…